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In Arcade Strategy you will find all type of strategy games and many more:

  • Puzzle Games: Games where you will use your skills and perspicacity to solve the game. Brain and patience is definitely needed for those games. Games are like the classics click and point, hidden objects and escape games, mainly.

  • Turn Based Games: Strategy games where the movements and combat system are mainly turn based, so each player has his own time to make the movements/attacks until the end of his turn and then the next player (or computer) goes to play. These games are strategy board games, RPG where the combat system is turn base, or other epic, fantastic or army games.

  • RPG Games: Games where the player takes the role of some character within the game. Could be an warrior hero a powerful magician, or a monster from the out-space. You will follow an storyline where the character will evolve and grow his skills until, generally save the world from the bad guys.

  • Tower Defense: These are games where the stage is a fix scenario, and you have a point to defend. The waives of enemy will come through a path and strategically you will have to place towers or elements to defend this point. Upgrade as the enemy gets stronger.

  • Defence Games: This is a variation from Tower defense games. In these games you have a point to defend but the way to defend it change with the game. These games are more interactive than TD games, and in some cases you will have to attack while you defend in order to win.

  • RTS Games: These are the elite of the Strategy games. You will play a game where everything happen in real time, so you will have to be aware of everything. Gather resources at the same time you are building up your army or trying to fight the enemy.

  • Skill Games: All games in which your skill with the mouse and your brain quickness will be your best weapon. To win in those games you have to be quick and precise, fast and awake. Sniper, word games, or memory games.

  • Card Games: Build up your deck of cards. To attack, or throw a magic spell you will use cards. As you advance in the games you will have access to more and different cards so your game will became stronger.Different rules in different games.

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